Aspres-sur-Buech: climbing adventure

The climbing course was AWESOME!
Even though I had to take it easy because of my pregnancy it was really cool.
Southern France has so many good climbing areas it is incredible.

The start of the course consisted of learning how to built a top-rope situation from a lead climb situation.
The weather started out a little rainy so we started the lessons on the floor in a shed on the campsite.
After the sun decided to join us, we went to the first area, Agnielles,  to climb.

Later that week the weather stayed nice and we had to use sunscreen all the time. (I got a little tan!!!)
We learned to built a base were the following climber could join and abseil together.
When we figured that out, we started doing multi pitched climbs!
We visited several areas: Sigotier, la Claps and Orpierre (and I might forget some)
It was a great experience and we got our certificates! Even an extra one!
Happy climbers, and fully motivated to keep on climbing (even when pregnant)

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