Premiere of “Michiel de Ruyter”

Last Monday finally the long awaited premiere of Michiel de Ruyter. Our team worked at the set of this movie as stuntperformers. There are a lot of familiar faces blasting over the screen. So this is THE pricture of the year (picture: Benjamin Photograpics) and for the people that haven’t seen the trailer yet: watch …
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So after the sword fighting at Swordfish we decided to go climbing in Sweden. If you are in a great country like that you should take advantage of the situation. Because we had limited time we could only climb one or two routes but still it was a pretty environment.

Monte Cervino

This is the Dutch version of a mountain. a superficial climbing mountain make out of concrete in Bergschenhoek, Rotterdam. Monte Cervino is my favourite climbing hall in the Netherlands. This is a combination of two seperate climbing afternoons one outside and one on the inside of the mountain.    

Midwinter Fair 2013

AWESOME! that was how the weekend was! We did four Game of Thrones based shows in the Archeon Arena with Noorderwind and it was four time more than 3/4 full. The evening shows were the best, because of the dark surroundings the atmosphere was chilling. Starks bannermen fought the battle of their life to keep …
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