HEMAG Dijon 2018 – Sickle!

In februari I found out I would be an instructor in Dijon, and although it seemed far away May arrived soon enough.
I practiced my workshop at MARS in Groningen and it went well, I tried to incorporate their advice and I went to France feeling good about what I was about to do.
Then we arrived, and the schedule wasn’t up yet. So on the morning of the first workshop we found out that Marc would do his Scythe in the morning and I my Sickle in the afternoon of the very first day. Wow! No pressure!
Marc did great on his workshop Scythe and it was full house, there was not a single scythe left in the hall. I prepared a little more for my own workshop but I was also getting nervous.
Luckily Bas was going to assist me with the workshop and Marc was going to babysit Max so we didn’t need to worry about that.

In the break between workshop we checked all sickles to see if they were not damaged of to sharp for use in the workshop.
We laid them all out on the floor and people started to ‘claim’ them for the workshop, putting their gloved with a sickle so they could reserve one. I hadn’t really thought that my workshop would be popular and the other workshops at the same time were given by very big names in the HEMA world.
But as it turned out, five minutes before it started every sickle I brought had found an person that wanted to participate in my workshop.
It were even more people that I had with MARS.

The workshop itself went pretty well, I was super nervous in the beginning but Bas, being there as my assistant was very reassuring.
People had a lot of fun, and when I got my nerves a bit better under control, I enjoyed myself big time.
We did some interpretations of the plates, step by step but also a bit more showy move because Bataille is a show group.
We did the nut-hack as a close of the workshop, a sickle stroke to the testicles, and you could here half of the group grasp for air and another part of them giggle, super funny. It is not only a nice showy move it is described as move in the manuscript as well.

I only got more nervous when I saw from the sidelines, mr Enzi. He’s someone I admire for his knowledge and skill in messer and he was watching my workshop. Afterwards I found out he had done the transcription of the German version of the Mair manuscript for Sickle and that he had worked with sickle himself too. We talked about sickle after the workshop and about that his interpretation was pretty close to his but that some needed some work and that I should do some testcutting with a sickle on a pig’s leg. It changed his perspective and probably would change mine too. I look forward to have some time to set up a test cut with my sharp sickles sometime.

I had an amazing Dijon this year. I learned a lot about myself, others and about HEMA in general.
This was on my wish list for a long time: giving a workshop internationally.
And it went really well!
I am a happy girl now 🙂



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