Musings over Sickle fighting

Last week I watched a very nice sickle video by Artes Belli on youtube. The video is from 2013 but I had not seen it before.
I like to see other material because I only have my own little group of people that work on it and some fresh (for me) insights might help my views along as well. It was fun to see that we both are doing the same plates differently but not so much it isn’t recognizable anymore.
Yesterday at Muiderslot I had some time to experiment with some of the things I had seen and it was fun. None of us is wrong, the texts are not specified more specific and we just interpreted some things a little differently.
We both have our reasons to do it one way over the other. I can only speak for myself with reasons why we do it our way.

For plate #1

Blocking on the sickle vs. on the arm:

I feel I have more control when I block on the wrist compared to blocking on the sickle. I feel it is easier to escape a sickle block.
When I block on the wrist I have a good change to have a good arm lock on the sickle it is far more difficult.
But I think that the whole area from wrist to sickle is a good area to block. In some instances ( in other plates) it might be better to block/deflect te sickle instead of the arm.

Inside leg hook vs. outside leg hook:
the text does not say anything about inside or outside only the leg in front.
When we were trying out the different hooks around the leg, we found that blocking on the inside can be prevented more easy because your hand is still on the arm. By pulling your arm away to go to the outside of the leg you eascape the hand.

Explaining it in text asks for a bit of imagination so I might make a new video explaining the differences.
That would be so much easier 🙂
Now to find the time to make that video… I have another 15 video’s to make and I have trouble finding time for that too…

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