New Projects!

So my boyfriend and I started in a new re-enactment group last year.
The group is called “Huurlingen van Voorne” or Mercenaries of Voorne in english.

The group depict the personal guards of lady Jacoba van Beieren of the Netherlands.
Time frame is between 1410 and 1450 which is a new period for us.

Luckily I already have a 15th century dress so I can focus on my boyfriends costume.
The costume pieces he already has will still work, but would depict a simple low class person.
Of course I like him to have a little more higher class costume so I have to make him something.

The plan for now is:

– a pair of jointed hosen.
– a vest.
– a jacket based of Talhoffer manuscript images.
– some sort of hat.


I figured the Talhoffer jacket would fit him well since he is also a swordfighter. It is not too elaborate for his taste, he likes simple.
As you can see the jacket is very tight fitting and the sleeves have a big opening along the arm. In other images you can see that the sleeves are constructed with “grande assiettes” or plate sleeves. This, combined with all the lacing, would give a lot of freedom of movement. (Which is something my boyfriend really like)

A new challenge ahead!

First things first, I need fabric 🙂

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