Planning: a medieval bed

As we are going to more and more events and have a bigger car now that has roof supports we started thinking about a medieval bed.
It would make our camp live so much more comfortable, and the cold would not creep up from the floor to our sleeping bag.
And on top of that we can stash stuff underneath and we can have an open tent at events more easily!


I started doing some research on medieval beds that we could take apart and found some that we could make ourselves. (of course we make it ourselves duh! ) We didn’t plan on starting the construction yet but I made some plans and designs in SketchUp.  I liek the program a lot and it makes drawing plans a lot easier.

I used the size of our airbed as a guide since that would be the mattress we are going to use.

So here are the designs!




the sizes are not accurate yet some will be tweaked on the go.

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