Sickle workshop @MARS

Two things came together here 1: An invitation from MARS to give a workshop to them and 2: Preparing for Dijon France (aahhh not nervous! really!)
So I went with Boris and Marc on a long road trip to Groningen to give my workshop Sickle to them…
And boy that was scary! But also very cool! 30+ people showed up for my workshop!
This  was the biggest workshop I have ever given. I was so happy that I had two people with me.

It went pretty well, a lot of them were very enthusiastic about the sickle, also MARS is way more competitive compared to Bataille and so their training of the exercises was way more dynamic than Bataille would do. Only one of the home made sickles died this evening so that gives hope for Dijon.

Also very cool to see Maurice translating the German version of Mair’s Sickle treatise and the differences in some of the text. In our Latin version some little things are missing. But those little things can make a world of difference when performing a plate.
So I’m hopeful that when his translation is finished I have even more information to work with.

So apart from a nice evening with friends I also learned a lot, just in time for Dijon.

Also got some great tips about talking to a group when you do not have a carrying voice like me. I can use that in Dijon, their hall has quite some resonance 🙂


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