So after the sword fighting at Swordfish we decided to go climbing in Sweden. If you are in a great country like that you should take advantage of the situation. Because we had limited time we could only climb one or two routes but still it was a pretty environment.

Monte Cervino

This is the Dutch version of a mountain. a superficial climbing mountain make out of concrete in Bergschenhoek, Rotterdam. Monte Cervino is my favourite climbing hall in the Netherlands. This is a combination of two seperate climbing afternoons one outside and one on the inside of the mountain.    

Italy – Dolomites 2013

Our Summer holiday in the Dolomites in Italy. I love it… Didn’t want to go back home anymore. We climbed, bouldered, hiked and went on via ferrata’s. The nature, you feel so humble if you’re standing there. I just love mountains!! (and that from a girl living in possibly the flattest country ever)